Domain name API


Check the availability of a nameserver with registry.


Allows you to : • change of registrant and registrar if the domain is not in Namebay (fill in the domain name and 4 contacts) • change if the registrant is in Namebay (fill in the domain name registrant and the new contact)


The command “Domain_restore_request” allows requesting the restoration of a domain name. Depending on the extension, Namebay can not guarantee the restoration of a domain name (contact our technical department for more information).


This command is used to change domain status to active or protected. A protected domain cannotbe transferred . Use domain_info command to know the status of a domain.


Used to retreive a domain name being released by the registry.


This command allows you to transfer a domain from one Namebay reseller to another. Authentication is handled using the Web ServiceAuthentication Header, your credentials remain unchanged.


Used to get information for an operation in Html.