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Domain Names

If you want to publish a website, you will need a domain name. Web addresses are unique and choosing the right domain name for your website will help internet users find your site online.

Domain names are divided into 2 main parts:

The domain extension: (.com, .net, .fr etc), which are the letters to the right of the final dot in the web address. You can choose from over 600 domain extensions which can describe your location (e.g. .FR, .paris, .alsace), your business type (.travel, .immo, .accountant), or what your website is about website (.horse, .ninja or .science).

The second level domain: (your website name) this can be made up of a series of letters or numbers to describe your website e.g. namebay in

By combinging these two elements you can create one or many unique domain name for your website.

With so many domain extensions available today you can have multiple domain names which can all point to your website, improving your website visibility and driving visitors and customers