Secure, swift and simple !

Now with our ASSISTANCE+ service, your battle to configure your email addresses on your e-mail client is over !

Your time is a valuable resource, use it wisely. Namebay will configure your email account settings for you directly on your computer.

Thanks to a secure remote access connection, our system engineers can create, modify or repair your email configurations.

You remain in control, even when we are driving! Secure remote access can only be made active after express authorisation from you, each time it is used. Moreover, you can regain full control of your PC at any time.

The ability to provide you with remote support at a low cost, means that we can resolve your computer problems wherever you are at a moments notice.

How to use ASSISTANCE+

  • Call +377 97 70 61 64  to fix an appointment either by phone +377 97 70 61 64 or email by email.
  • You download the remote support software (installation takes no more than a few minutes) from
  • You credit your online account for the duration of the procedure
  • At the agreed time, contact us and launch your secure remote contact software

*Average time usually needed for 1 email account