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How to transfer your gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz)?

The actions required for the smooth transfer of your

  1. The domain name must have been registered for over 60 days
  2. The status of the domain name must not be "registrar lock" in your current registrar; it must be in "Active" status
  3. You should then recover the auth code for your domain name so that you can place the transfer order with us (auth code, recovered from your current registrar)
  4. Check the e-mail addresses of the owner contact and administrative contact of the domain name are valid.

Definition of auth code: an alpha-numeric key attached to each domain name that ascertaining that it is the domain owner who is requesting a transfer, thus automating the process (no need to prove your identity).

Warning: the "active" status and auth code attached to a domain name are now MANDATORY to carry out a transfer.

Procedure for recovering an auth code and changing the status of your domain name

Generally speaking, your current registrar allows you to perform these operations (auth code recovery and status modification) directly on your customer space. If this isn't the case, an email request sent to your registrar should enable you to obtain your auth code and modification your status.

To check the status of your domain name, you can find it in your client interface of your current registrar, or perform a whois.