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How to transfer your gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz)?

The actions required for the smooth transfer of your

  1. The domain name must have been registered for over 60 days
  2. The status of the domain name must not be "registrar lock" in your current registrar; it must be in "Active" status
  3. You should then recover the auth code for your domain name so that you can place the transfer order with us (auth code, recovered from your current registrar)

Definition of auth code: an alpha-numeric key attached to each domain name that ascertaining that it is the domain owner who is requesting a transfer, thus automating the process (no need to prove your identity).

Warning: the "active" status and auth code attached to a domain name are now MANDATORY to carry out a transfer.

All gTLDs require an auth code, also known as authinfo

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz

Procedure for recovering an auth code and changing the status of your domain name

Generally speaking, your current registrar allows you to perform these operations (auth code recovery and status modification) directly on your customer space. If this isn't the case, an email request sent to your registrar should enable you to obtain your auth code and modification your status.

To check the status of your domain name, you can find it in your client interface of your current registrar, or perform a whois.


*Note that in the event of a dispute with your current registrar, our legal department will provide assistance and take the necessary steps for a successful transfer

Look for your registrar procedure

Unlock a domain name Obtain your AUTH-INFO
AITDomains Access your customer space. Then click on 'Domain Management', 'Lock/Unlock Domains', choose the domain transfer, and click on 'Search'. The LOCK can be removed on the next page. AITDomains You must contact their technical support directly.
Amen Access your Customer Space. Then click on 'Registrar Tools/Whois', 'Outgoing Transfer Protection', 'See', 'Lock registrar changes', 'Edit', 'Unlock', 'Register'. BookMyName You must contact their technical support directly.
BulkRegister at the address http://www2.bulkregister.com/transferGuard.php#list, you'll find a page with general explanations in English regrading the protection of domains; [7] provides the procedure for your dealer; the explanations will be sent to the administrative and technical contact Dotster Go to your account. Go to 'Domains List', choose the domain name and click to obtain the autorization code. It will then be sent to you at email address entered in the field.
directNIC Below 'Customer Settings', select 'Set Transfert Security', then click on the link 'Transfert Security Settings Manager' (at the bottom). You'll be able to choose the field that is in normal or high security and confirm the change of status; this will lock or unlock the domain. Enom Connect to your account. Select 'Domain Names', 'My Domains', then select the domain you wish to transfer. Under 'Utilities', choose 'Contact/Whois Option'. You'll find the code.
Dotster Access your Customer Space. Then click on 'View a complete list of all domains in your account', select the domain you wish to unlock and click on 'Manage Domains'; under 'Registered Domain Functions', click on 'Unlock Domains That Have TransferLock'. Gandi You must identify yourself as an Administrator, then go to the section 'edit domain settings'; you'll find the key on the right, above your name and address.
Enom Go to your Customer Space, then 'Domain Names' and 'Overview'. Joker After unlocking your domain, a 10 day window will be open, during which you can obtain the code by accessing 'ServiceZone/Status request of Transfert'.
Gandi You must be the domain administrator to unlock the domain. Click to unlock your domain MelbourneIT If you pass directly through MelbourneIT, you must use the password reference interface; the Auth code will be sent to the administrative contact.
GoDaddy Access your Customer Space, then go to 'Domain names', 'Manage Domains', 'Set locking / lock all domains'. Namebay Send your request via fax to +377 97 97 21 13 with proof of identity. You'll receive your code-Auth by email.
Joker Identify yourself on the site, then go to 'Servicezone', and 'Switch off domain protection'. Names4Ever The code is the same as the password for your account.
NordNet Go to the following address: here [17], then go to 'Unlock/Lock a domain name' at the lower left, and follow the steps; once the domain name has been unlocked, a request will be sent to the Registrant and the domain's administrative contact so that they can accept the unlocking procedure; if they do not reply within 10 days, the request will be cancelled and the domain name will not be unlocked. Network Solutions The administrative contact must send an email to its registrar from the email address entered in the Customer Space, with the subject: Authorization Code for the domain'...' . The code will be returned to you at this address.
Network Solutions Please identify yourself in your 'Account Manager' as the holder or administrative contact, then go to 'Domain Details', and 'Domain Protect', remembering to save the changes. OnlineNic The autorization code must be requested directly from the dealer.
OnlineNic Members of OnlineNic can always lock/unlock their domains using the option 'Domain Lock' under 'Manage Domains', to the right of the the navigation bar in the dealer's control panel; we recommend that end users always contact their delaer if possible, to help them with the locking/unlocking procedure. PSI-USA, INC. You must contact the dealer from which you registered the domain; the dealer will provide you with the code.
PSI-USA, INC To unlock a domain for which the PSI-USA is the Registrar, directly contact the dealer with which you registered the domain. Register Go to your Customer Space. The code is situated in the page listing the domains.
Register You must contact them via the link 'Ask a Question' and request an UNLOCK on your domain. The administrative contact will be contacted by email for approval. Stargate You must send your request by email from the address of the administrative contact of the domain.
  Tucows If you're a Tucows reseller, the code is in the section "Domain Extras' in your Reseller management interface. If you're the domain administrative contact with an updated email address in the Whois, ask your Tucows reseller to resend the code by email.
  Verio Make your request using your administrative contact email address or by phone at +1800 438 8374.

If your Registrar is not included in the above list, contact your Registrar's technical support to ask them for the procedure for unlocking the domain with them.