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  • Why choose NAMEBAY?

    Since 1999, over 100,000 customers have registered their domain names at NAMEBAY, and over 1700 dealers have decided to support us in the resale of domain names. Here are the reasons for their choices in detail:

    1. Over 10 years experience as an accredited ICANN registry, in domain name management ;
    2. Over 250 domain name extensions available! One to two new extensions are added monthly to our catalog ;
    3. An effective and lasting promotional policy: between two and five extensions offered each month ;
    4. A transparent and competitive pricing policy, adaptable according to your registration volumes ;
    5. A cutting-edge strategy that provides you with a preview of the latest innovations, such as the pre-registration of the majority of recently launched or future extensions ;
    6. A constantly evolving functional management interface ;
    7. Several reselling systems for white label domain names : an API domain name open to all, a white label resale system from your website or ASP model, for small resellers ;
    8. Cheap SSL certificate offers providing a low cost solution to secure data and transactions from your website ;
    9. Dedicated offers for our large account customers : complete management of your portfolio of domain names, decision support tools, customized management of your digital identity (your domain names to your online reputation) ;
    10. Customer service expertise available via email or telephone ;
    11. Online support that helps you select and manage the domain name and services you have registered ;
    12. ...
  • What services are included with the purchase of a domain name?

    Register your domain name with us and choose related services tailored to your needs !

    Besides being easy, registering a domain name with Namebay optimizes your business!
    We provide a quick and easy solution for all your domain name registration needs: a packaged solution that includes numerous services (see below).
    We can provide a customized solution for your specific domain name registration needs.
    When you register a domain name with Namebay, you subscribe to a unique range of services

    1. A pre-charged account system associated with an automatic domain name renewal service protects your domain name and prevents you from losing it when it expires ;
    2. A system for creating websites or blogs (2 pages), provided free-of-charge on any domain name purchase, allowing you to professionally ensure your online presence more quickly, even without any technical expertise ;
    3. A URL forwarding system is offered to redirect traffic from your domain name to an existing website (301, 302 or transparent forwarding) ;
    4. a mapping service for domain name forwardings that allows you in just one operation to check which domains redirect to your main sites, or set up forwarding on a defined set of domains ;
    5. An e-mail creation and management service. Register from 1 to 100 e-mail addresses ;
    6. E-mail forwarding (from 1 to 100 e-mails can be forwarded) to pre-existing e-mails ;
    7. Total management of your DNS (MX, A, etc.): manage up to 5 NS, define your secondary NS, preconfigure zones, etc.
    8. A monitoring and alert service on your domain names (search precedence, creation and expiry alerts). Benefit from 10 free alerts for every account created with NAMEBAY ;
    9. Experienced, diligent online support that helps you select and manage the domain name and services you've registered ;
  • What advantages does NAMEBAY offer in corporate management?

    Since its origin, NAMEBAY has made a name for itself as a key partner in managing the digital identities of companies of all sizes (large accounts, SMB, freelancers, etc.). Initially focusing on the creation and management of domain names, NAMEBAY has gradually and naturally oriented its business to more value added services. The aim of this approach is to address all issues related to brand management in the broadest sense!

    We've thus designed the following offer to cover all of your projects, guaranteeing a better all-around vision and control of the perception of your brand on the Internet.

    1. From managing your domain names ...


    NAMEBAY has designed this offer to address the needs of companies whose domain name portfolio widely exceeds simple digital identity protection. To address this issue, we've developed technical tools that enable you to better control the relevance of your domain names in relation to your activities, with the aim of streamline your domain name renewal costs.


    Our goal for all services provided in the Perf+ offer is to improve the management of your fleet of domain names.


    Once your fleet of domain names has been structured, controlled, protected, ... you need to improve the visibility of your digital identity, compared to those of your competitors. Namebay allows you to monitor and analyse performances in perfect harmony with your needs and issues.

    1. ... to the management of your digital identity


    You need to find the best name for your product, so that it is descriptive, effective and short, easy to memorize and pronounce, differentiating and respectful of your values and history, and your market and brand positioning.


    You wish to deposit your brand with national and international intellectual property organizations. You also want to protect this brand on the Internet by registering associated domain names.


    You wish to monitor your reputation on topics specific to your business, e.g. 'how is our customer service judged', 'what do users think of the quality of our products', 'what do they think of our pricing policy', etc.

    Web communication

    Your brand or product are subject to criticism on the internet. You're no longer controlling communication related to your brand or product. You want to respond to your critics to correct users' misinterpretations or restore your online reputation.


    Your brand or product has been the subject to criticism on the internet. Your 'positive' communication work has provided results. However, traces of this controversy remain in the results of search engines when users search the name of your brand or product. You now want to clean-up unwanted comments.

  • What advantages does NAMEBAY offer in solutions for the resale of domain names?

    NAMEBAY is the French market registry that provides the greatest number of customized solutions for reselling domain names :

    1. A API domain name simple to implement, effective and frequently updated ;
    2. A PRO solution that integrates our shop domain name reselling white label on your website (no mention of NAMEBAY in webpages) via an iFrame system. Define your colours, logo and customer rates and voila!
    3. An ASP (Application Service Provider) solution that allows you to order domain names for your customers directly through our site, while benefiting from resellers' prices, depending on your purchasing volumes.
  • How to register my domain name?

    The following are the detailed steps for registering a domain name with Namebay :

    1. Use the Whois function to search for domain name and extension that best suits your needs. By choosing one or more extensions, Namebay's Whois function will show you the domain names available for each extension.
    2. After choosing a domain name/s, select the related services you need: number of e-mail addresses, forwarding of e-mails, forwarding of URLs, and advanced management of DNS, etc.
    3. After providing some basic information, such as your address, name and surname, or your username and password if you're already registered with Namebay, proceed by choosing your payment method and confirming your purchase.