Essential protection for your strategic domain names

Cybercriminals regularly attack websites belonging to well-known companies (such as The New York Times, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, CNN and the BBC) in an attempt to hijack, hack, paralyse or divert traffic by fraudulently accessing domain name registration data and DNS records.

If cybercriminals gain access to domain name registration they can modify information including the destination website to which the domain name resolves.

The consequences are significant and the damage to brand can be especially serious:

  • Loss of reputation and effect on corporate image
  • Loss of user confidence in the security of customer information
  • Loss of sales
  • Loss of confidential, business-critical information

Yet there are existing security solutions that mitigate these sorts of attacks by locking down operations that are permissible on strategically important domain names.

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    Registry lock to counter strategic domain attacks

    The ‘Registry Lock service’ allows a domain name owner to supply locking information to the domain name registry , relating to the domain name. Operations on the domain name are only permitted following an authentification process confirming the identity of the domain holder.

    Registry lock protects a domain name from undergoing different operations such as DNS server modifications, modification of contact information, domain transfer and deletion of a domain name.

    This security mechanism, which is put in place to protect domain names, is operated using highly secure manual authentification processes and may be put in place for all strategically important domain names.

    A simple, efficient and secure process… multi-step authentification to unlock domain names at the registry

    Registry lock

    How to enable the Registry Lock ?

    Anticipate and protect against attacks.
    Secure your transactions on domain names throughout the process.