Get every extension and associated products.

Outputs Description Possible values
domains List of domains
domain Extensions First and second level extensions (ex: “.uk,”) coma separated
domain minRegistrationPeriod Minimum registration period
domain maxRegistrationPeriod Maximum registration period
domain minRenewPeriod Minimumrenewal period
domain maxRenewPeriod Maximum renewal period
domain authCode Is authorization code required during registrar transfer?
domain idn Are internationalized domain names supported ?
product type The type of the associated product Possible values are : create, renew, transfer, trade, recover.
Warning, a same type can occur more than one time, the “trustee” attribute will always be different.
product price The Price (Euro)
product public Is it a public price (if false, the price is specific to your pricing grid)
product trustee Does the price include local presence ?



<domain_products />


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<result code="…">
<domain extensions="ac" minRegistrationPeriod="1" maxRegistrationPeriod="1" minRenewPeriod="1" maxRenewPeriod="1" authCode="false" idn="false">
<product type="create" price="48.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<product type="renew" price="48.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<product type="transfer" price="80.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<product type="recover" price="128.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<domain extensions="ae," minRegistrationPeriod="1" maxRegistrationPeriod="5" minRenewPeriod="1" maxRenewPeriod="5" authCode="false" idn="false">
<product type="create" price="90.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<product type="renew" price="90.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<product type="transfer" price="12.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />
<product type="create" price="98.0000" public="false" trustee="true" />
<product type="renew" price="98.0000" public="false" trustee="true" />
<product type="transfer" price="20.0000" public="false" trustee="true" />
<product type="recover" price="170.0000" public="false" trustee="false" />