DN API return codes

Return codes from domain name API summary

Return Codes

Return code Description
200 Command completed successfully
500 Invalid domain name
501 Command syntax error
502 Authorization failed
503 Authorization failed
504 Invalid contact
510 Object does not exist
512 Parent object does not exist
520 Missing required field
525 Object already registered
526 Object not registered
527 Object already registered
528 Domain link with nameserver
529 Object already registered
530 Invalid attribute value
535 Restricted IP address
540 Parameter value syntax error
550 Parameter value policy error
555 Maximum registration period exceeded
558 No AuthCode for this extension
559 No anonymous whois for this extension
560 Transaction id not found
570 Object status does not allow for operation
571 Invalid authorization information
572 Operation not allowed for this TLD
580 Registry unreachable
581 Command failed
582 Server unreachable
583 Proxy server timeout
584 Database error
585 Invalid auhtInfo for this domain
600 Command failed due to server error. Client should try again
601 Command failed due to configuration error. Please contact namebay
602 Insufficient funds
603 Status not allowed
604 The modification is not allowed because of the current status
605 Domain already in the requested status
606 Missing required epp authinfo
607 Domain already in the requested operation