Give a business dimension to your communications with an e-mail address that matches your website :

Our e-mail platforms

We have several independent shared e-mail platforms to guarantee the best fluidity in processing your e-mails.
24/7 monitoring, all our servers are equipped with the TLS protocol for maximum confidentiality of your exchanges.
Can be configured as POP or IMAP account on your email clients, Namebay also provides a Webmail interface.

E-mails servers

Reception servers

There are multiple receiving servers (known as MX server for Mail Exchanger) in order to balance the load.

Outgoing servers

To not be penalized by reception limitations set up by some recipients, our platforms are equipped with multiple relay servers. We always send your emails as soon as possible.

Spam and antivirus

Antispam and antivirus scanning is performed at the MX servers level. The analyse is on several stages: compliance of the sending server at DNS level (reverse DNS, SPF, DKIM), e-mail consistency analysis, cross-checking with blacklists of the e-mail address and Sender IP, header check, Bayesian Content Scanning, Virus Scanning.


Our webmail has DAV functions, which allows you to synchronize your calendars, address books and tasks between your different e-mail tools (Outlook, Androïd, Iphone, etc.)
It allows collaborative work as you can share these features between your employees.

Multilanguage, you can configure account password, e-mail redirections, auto-responder from your webmail.

Your webmail interface by default is Horde. The default address of your webmail is personalized and secure, such as:
Do you rather consult your messages on Roundcube? A second webmail server is available at


Mailbox configuration

All e-mail services are configured with your domain name.

IMAP consultation (recommended): mail. your_domain_name
POP consultation : pop. your_domain_name
Webmail : webmail.your_domain_name
Sending (smtp): smtp. your_domain_name

Please note, access to your addresses will be blocked for 5 hours if we detect 3 incorrect connection attempts with the wrong username / password.


What services do you need for your domain name ?

Classic services :

Trouble configuring your e-mail on your computer?

Let us do it for you !

Identify attacks on your brand(s) easily.

Is the domain name that you want to register already taken?
Don’t worry, Namebay offers a number of solutions, which may allow you to recover a domain name that has already been registered.

Registry lock protects a domain name from undergoing different operations such as DNS server modifications, modification of contact information, domain transfer and deletion of a domain name.