Become a Reseller


Namebay created a plugin that allows you to use its services whith WHMCS.

WHMCS offers client management, billing & support.

  • Namebay PRO

  • Open a FREE Namebay reseller account
  • Account setup for registrations from your website
  • Integration of Namebay’s plugin
  • Set your rates, DNS
  • Registration of domain names in real time on your website
  • Reseller Management interface for your customers’ domains
  • No installation fees
  • No minimum volumes or turnover
  • No exclusivity clauses
  • Operation

  • You define the prices, conditions and technical permissions for your customers
  • Your customers register, manage and administer their domain names on your website
  • You remain in control of your customers’ accounts and manage them as you wish
  • Bespoke Settings

Customizable settings

  • Resale price
  • Domain name contacts
  • Customizable or replaceable DNS
  • Customizable renewal e-mails (content + issuing address)
  • SOCIETE GENERALE payment module

Integratable settings on your website

  • Registration of domain names with all options and associated services
  • Registrar transfer
  • Registrant transfer
  • Customer Login access (administration)
  • Whois
  • Legal documents
  • White Label FAQs
  • Technical Specifications

  • Registration and transfers available 24/7
  • Free choice of associated services and options
  • Web forwarding (URL): permanent, temporary or transparent
  • POP 3 e-mail accounts (with possibility of Catch-all, automatic forwarding)
  • Freely configurable e-mail forwarding
  • Free DNS setup (or forced to use your own DNS)
  • Choice of extensions for sale (.com, .net, .org, .fr …)
  • Updates of contacts associated with domain names
  • Authorized registrant transfers
  • Authorized registrar transfers
  • Protection of domain names against abusive transfers (LOCK Registrar)
  • Payment by pre-charged debit account or credit card
Become Reseller