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Nameshield offers bespoke web and domain name services adapted to meet your specific online needs.
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Namebay’s customer service experts are here to support you in the management of your domain name portfolio every step of the way.
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Rationalization, Performance, Visibility

As your business grows your online requirements will grow too. Your domain name portfolio will expand to cover new geographies and vertical sectors; your website requirements will become more comprehensive and accessibility will become more important. The need for your online presence to be highly visible, flexible and available will become business critical. Namebay helps you achieve all these business critical requirements.

Dedicated features

The effective management of a portfolio of domain names, requires the establishment of a domain name management policy to help you to achieve the optimum reach and presence for you business.

Namebay’s experts can help you achieve the level of online presence and traffic that is right for your business though the following services:

  • Domain portfolio audit
  • Domain name policy creation
  • Domain name portfolio consolidation and transfers
  • DNS security and stability improvements
  • Web hosting (shared or dedicated)
  • IPv6 and DNSSec implementation
  • Domain portfolio management
  • Domain Name and Trademark Monitoring
  • SSL certificate management
  • Website monitoring
  • Domain name recoveries and litigation management

Customer Services

Namebay prides itself on the quality and speed of response of its customer service experts. Namebay customers benefit from the following support services:
  • Telephone Hotline: manned by our Customer Service experts during office hours, seven days a week. Namebay offers a guaranteed level of service.
  • eMail Support: A quick and effective way of contacting Namebay support.
  • Commercial support: provision of Namebay commercial support, during office hours
  • Technical support: technical support available days a week.
  • Out of hours Hotline: Outside of normal business hours, our Customer Service and Technical Service can be contacted on a dedicated customer hotline.
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