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DOMAIN SSL Certificate


Secure your transactions and connections now.


In a context where the incidence of fraud and data breaches is becoming increasingly frequent, your customers count on you to secure sensitive information sent over the Internet using the strongest encryption technologies.

With DomainSSL certificates, you activate the “yellow padlock” and within minutes can secure electronic transactions, logins to online accounts, webmail services, network traffic and online services. This certificate is designed to respond perfectly to security problem issues faced by the majority of SMEs.


Standard Domain Validated SSL certificate

  • Domain Validated certificate (DV)
  • Activation and issuance within 5 minutes
  • Option for multiple domains on 1 certificate – Subject Alternative Names (SAN)
  • 128 bit to 256 bit encryption
  • Browser padlock with httpS://
  • Advanced anti-phishing controls
  • Optimum browser and mobile compatibility
  • SHA-256 digital signature
  • Site security seal
  • Financial guarantee: $10,000
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