Premium DNS

Internet services always available, with the highest accessibility

With the increasing dependence on networks, costs and consequences of services disruption are more and more significant. In front of the increase of threats, maintaining its DNS infrastructure is becoming more and more complex.

Best practices

  • Ensure the availability of your services with an anycast network
  • Entrustyour DNS management to security experts.
  • Deploy DNSSEC
  • Define a continuity plan
  • Use anti-DDoS filter

Benefit from the best DNS

With Namebay’s features :

  • Primary and/or secondary server use
  • Adaptation to the customers’ infrastructures (primary, hidden, etc.)
  • SaaS platform, with ACL (Access Control List) authentication system
  • Unlimited number of records per zone
  • Records managment of : CNAME, A (IPV4), AAAA (IPV6), TXT, SRV, MX, etc.
  • Subzones delegation
  • Setting the TTL of SOA (refresh, retry, expire, negative cache)
  • Modify TTL by host, the lowest value is 5 minutes
  • Set a low TTL permanently
  • Zone exports
  • Statistics at your disposal
  • Managment of IPV4 and IPV6reverses
  • Record history and roll back
  • E-mail and phone support

A robust and reliable infrastructure

With DNS Premium solution, protect your DNS from attacks, avoid service disruption and benefit from optimization possibilities and pertinent options:

  • DNS anycast
  • anti-DDoS filter
  • Failover
  • GeoIP
  • Detailed statistics and reports

Thanks to DNS Premium solution, you can :

  • Reduce its costs and complexity
  • Avoid disruption
  • Ensure a service continuity
  • Ensure a high availability
  • Improve the response time of your pages
  • Increase the DNS security