DNS API return codes

Return codes from DNS API summary

Return codes

Return code Description
200 Command completed successfully
501 Command syntax error
502 Authorization failed
700 Invalid request
701 ZoneName musn’t be empty
702 Zone not found
703 Zone is inactive
704 Record malformed (type unknown)
705 Record not added to zone
706 Unexpected error
707 Zone already exists
708 Domain and Zone Object not found
709 Domain not found
710 Object not found
711 Contacts not found for object
712 You’re neither Owner, Tech, Admin nor Reseller of the domain
713 You don’t have Advanced DNS Management active for the domain
714 Primary NS is not Namebay’s
715 The record does not belong to the zone
716 The record is invalid for the zone
717 The record is mandatory for the zone
718 Invalid SOA record
719 Invalid TTL
720 Server unreachable