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Renew your domain name

You've registered your domain name with us, and you wish to renew it? Nothing could be simpler: 4 clicks are all that's required.

Enter the domain name to be renewed:

(e.g. mydomain.com)


To renew your domain name, you need to:

  1. log on to our domain management interface using your username and password;
  2. choose the domain name(s) to be renewed from among the ones listed by our domain name management system. You can renew the services you associated when registering the domain name. When your selection is complete, simply click on "renew your domain name";
  3. select your payment mode;
  4. after paying for your renewal, your domain will be renewed for the duration you've chosen.

If you have not registered your domain name, please contact us to transfer/renew it with us.

In order to be properly renewed, your domain name must be renewed before its expiration date. Theoretically, the domain name becomes available as soon as it expires ... In practice, a cumbersome procedure will allow you to recover it, but at a cost! To avoid this, keep your information current so that our domain name renewal system can alert you by e-mail regarding the renewal. To renew your domain name with peace of mind, consider renewing it for several years! You won't have to worry about it any time soon!