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domain name and website creation

Thanks to our tool for creating websites, based on Plesk SiteBuilder Technology, the leading online website design tools, you can create, in 5 minutes, and host your website, with no technical expertise required.

This optional service for website creation is available for any domain name* registered with NAMEBAY.

choose conception steps for your website   choose the design of your website
create your website menus   manage your website content

How to add this service ?

You can add this service at any time:

  • during domain name registration
    • select this service for all the domain names of your cart on the 2nd step of registration.
      To order a domain name, with the 'Pack Presence':
      click here
  • during domain name renewal
    • select the renewal of your domain name 'with services', then select the 'Pack Presence' service, then continue.
  • during domain name administration
    • you already have domain names registered with Namebay, or you just register a domain? Visit your 'customer area', under the 'your services' tab you will find the 'Add service web sites' menu, under which you can add the pack Presence to all domain names of your portfolio.
    • How to configure this service on your existing domains? click here

How to use this service? How do I create my website?

To create your website with your Presence pack, go to your 'customer area' under the 'your site' tab, then click the domain name on which you want to create your site. On the next page, click 'Connect to Click'nSurf'. A new window will then open where you can start creating your own website!

If you need documentation to use this tool,, click here
If you wish to see our online demo, click here

This first version of this free service will remain free. You only need to think about the service renewal, always for free, when you renew your domain name and your usual services (emails, redirections, ...).

*This service is not available on the following domain names:. TEL. MOBI,. PRO. AERO and. COOP.

By subscribing to this service, you acknowledge having read and accepted the following Terms of Use.