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The .ASIA: a new opportunity!

join the community: reserve your .ASIA domain name

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Namebay has been accredited since August 2007 for the registration of .Asia domain names whose commercial launch was set for 9 October 2007.

For this domain name event, Namebay makes available an eligible local presence (CED contact) to registrants who do not have one.

Our customer service will nonetheless provide advice on the proper procedures for all those who wish to obtain the authorization of their own contact.

Who is .ASIA for?

  • to all (individual, corporation, organization, association, etc.)

Some profiles, which are non-trademark holders, must wait until the full opening of the extension, whereas others can make use of the local presence we offer to deposit a .Asia domain name.

Eligibility and local contact

The registry is called DotAsia Organisation Limited. Its offices are in Hong Kong, Unit 617, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathani Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

To obtain the registration of a .asia domain name, the requesting business must possess a contact within the DotAsia community. The registrant represents and warrants the contact (called DEC contact), but both are jointly responsible for the registered domain name, especially in the case of a complaint.

The CED contact must be a legal entity. However, for entities that do not have a legal personality (as in the case of representation by a partnership), an individual can then be used as a CED contact.

The CED contact must provide the following information:

  • The place of establishment of the entity
  • The type of entity
  • The identification document
  • The identification number

The DotAsia registry may require registrants to complete information, or provide other documents to comply with the charter eligibility. The registrant then has 7 days to provide these documents. After this time, the registry may cancel the registration.

Note that Namebay can provide a contact that meets the eligibility requirements for those who do not have one.

Assignment rules for .asia domain names and timetable

February 2008 - 12 March 2008

Landrush: Open to all. The registration process is the auction system in the case of competing demands.

For an unsuccessful auction bid for the assignment of a .ASIA domain name submitted as Landrush, Namebay will credit to your account the amount in annuities paid for the name. Feel free to ask for the most generic names if the auctions are soaring; your won't lose your money!

As of 26 March 2008

Fully open: Registration in real time at the usual rate. Registration on a first come, first served basis.

Pay attention to the bidding system: if more than one application is received for the registration of the same domain name in sunrise or landrush, registrants will have to participate in an auction to win and be awarded the name.

The 73 member countries of the dotAsia community


Afghanistan (.AF)
Antarctica (.AQ)
Armenia (.AM)
Australia (.AU)
Azerbaïdjan (.AZ)
Bahrain (.BH)
Bangladesh (.BD)
Bhutan (.BT)
Brunei Darussalam (.BN)
Cambodge (.KH)
China (.CN)
Christmas Island (.CX)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (.CC)
Cook Islands (.CK)
Cyprus (.CY)
Fiji (.FJ)
Georgia (.GE)
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (.HM)
Hong Kong (.HK)
India (.IN)
Indonesia (.ID)
Iraq (.IQ)
Iran, Islamic Republic of (.IR)
Israël (.IL)
Japon (.JP)
Jordanie (.JO)
Kazakhstan (.KZ)
Kiribati (.KI)
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (.KP)
Korea, Republic of (.KR)
Koweït (.KW)
Kyrgyzstan (.KG)
Lao People's Democratic Republic (.LA)
Lebanon (.LB)
Macao (.MO)
Malaysia (.MY)
Maldives (.MV)
Marshall Islands (.MH)
Micronesia, Federated States of (.FM)
Mongolie (.MN)
Myanmar (.MM)
Nauru (.NR)
Nepal (.NP)
New Zealand (.NZ)
Niue (.NU)
Norfolk Island (.NF)
Oman (.OM)
Pakistan (.PK)
Palau (.PW)
Palestinian Territories (.PS)
Papua New Guinea (.PG)
Philippines (.PH)
Qatar (.QA)
Samoa (.WS)
Saudi Arabia (.SA)
Singapore (.SG)
Solomon Islands (.SB)
Sri Lanka (.LK)
Syrian Arab Republic (.SY)
Taiwan (.TW)
Tajikistan (.TJ)
Turkmenistan (.TM)
Thailand (.TH)
Timor-Leste (.TL)
Tokelau (.TK)
Tonga (.TO)
Turkey (.TR)
Turkmenistan (.TM)
Tuvalu (.TV)
United Arab Emirates (.AE)
Ouzbékistan (.UZ)
Vanuatu (.VU)
Viet Nam (.VN)
Yemen (.YE)

Pay attention to the bidding system

If more than one application is received for the registration of the same domain name in sunrise or landrush, registrants will have to participate in an auction to win and be awarded the name.

Multiple requests may occur in the case of identical trademarks filed in separate business or activity classes and in different countries.

The .ASIA auction system will be entrusted to Pool.com, the exclusive partner of the DotAsia organization, for successive Sunrises, and for the Landrush period.

These auctions will be open to all customers; they will mention the names of applicants and decide between applicants of the same domain name. Registrants will receive access codes from the dotAsia registry in order to connect to the auction system. The owner is the person who has issued the last bid.

We therefore urge our candidates in the reservation process to remain especially vigilant around 13 November 2007.

Local presence

Applicants for a .asia domain name whose businesses are physically located in Asia will benefit from mentioning a local administrative contact to ensure their qualification.

Businesses that are not physically present in Asia can use the local presence service group offered by Namebay.